About Us

 Honoring Veterans through Action

Salute A Vet exists to honor those veterans who served their country and also their community after military service.  We do this through public education and programs that allow you and others like you to truly show your thanks to those who served.  We have some really great programs that make our veterans feel appreciated with memorial events that last.  Take a look below at some of the great ways that Salute A Vet honors our veterans.  We rely upon people like you to honor our veterans…with that, welcome aboard!

There are plenty of veterans organizations that focus on assisting Veterans.  Salute A Vet actually assists you, because it helps you connect with a Veteran.   When you say to a veteran “Thank you for your Service”, Salute A Vet is your opportunity to show your thanks by donating to one of our programs that honor veterans.  Veterans who are affiliated with us give back to the community by providing education programs about what it means to be a veteran and what it meant to serve their country.

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    Serving your country means many things to many people.  As a veteran, it is an understanding of what it means to protect the flag and the experiences that those years entailed.  Veterans and non-veterans alike can unite through Salute A Vet to say "Thanks for your Service" in a meaningful way.

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    One of the most awesome ways you can "Salute A Veteran" is to donate to our "Ride for a Vet" Campaign.  This will allow a veteran to have a ride in a vintage military aircraft or have a veteran at the controls of an aircraft...maybe both.

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    Salute A Vet's education event programs provide youth and adults insight on what it means to be a veteran.  Why people chose to join the military.  Why it is important to have national pride by respecting the flag and the national anthem.