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Give a Vet a Ride Event at Bondurant Racing School – 4/9/2016

On April 9th, 2016, Salute a Vet held it's inaugural event, "Give a Ve

Ride for a Vet Campaign

Salute A Vet has created the "Ride for A Vet" program which gives a m

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  • " Serving your country means many things to many people. As a veteran, it is an understanding of what it means to protect the flag and the experiences that those years entailed. Veterans and non-veterans alike can unite through Salute A Vet to say 'Thanks for your Service' in a meaningful way. "

  • " Salute A Vet's education event programs provide youth and adults insight on what it means to be a veteran. Why people chose to join the military. Why it is important to have national pride by respecting the flag and the national anthem. "

  • " One of the most awesome ways you can 'Salute A Veteran' is to donate to our 'Ride for a Vet' Campaign. This will allow a veteran to have a ride in a vintage military aircraft or have a veteran at the controls of an aircraft...maybe both. "