Honoring through Action

Although we say “Thank you for your service” to veterans we meet, the next step is showing them thanks.   Did you know that many veterans returning from Vietnam didn’t have people saying “Welcome Home”.   At Salute-A-Vet, we want to tell any veteran welcome home.  We want to tell them over and over again.  We enjoy the freedom’s that were given to us because veterans served our country for us.   We partner with businesses to provide discounted rates for veterans.  Through contributions to Salute-A-Vet, we can provide special thanks to the vets by campaigns such as “Give a vet a ride” where Veterans can fly in a vintage military aircraft.   The entire experience brought to life for others via videos and photos.

After it is all said, we can honestly say “Thank you for your service”.   Meanwhile, these same veterans that we salute provide education to our youth so they know why these brave men and women chose to stand and serve.