We believe that it is important for the youth (and adults) of our country to have a better understanding of what it means to be a veteran.  This understanding should come from veterans directly through in-person teaching events.   Veterans attend elementary and secondary schools with a brief training course.  Keeping the training simple, yet effective so that the class can maximize their time with the veteran(s) in attendance. Here are a few examples of what is taught during one of our veteran engagement sessions:

  1. Veterans know that our national flag should not be allowed to touch the ground.
  2. If the flag is posted at night, that a light source should be shining on it.
  3. All veterans attend military training and are taught firearm safety and use.
  4. While serving in the military, veterans are taught “customs and courtesies” for ranks higher and lower than themselves.
  5. Veterans have a lot of experience during their service.  The question is, why did they serve in the first place.