In Honoring a Veteran

Ride for a Vet Campaign

Salute A Vet has created the “Ride for A Vet” program which gives a military veteran a ride in a vintage military aircraft or in a civilian plane flown by a veteran.  This is one of the best ways that a person can truly thank a veteran for their service.  It’s a memory that a veteran will cherish both mentally and with a Salute A Vet photo/video.

When we meet someone and we learn that they served in the military, many people say “Thank you for your service”.  It is a sincere appreciation for the sacrifices made to protect the freedoms that we hold dear.   As such, the honoring of our veterans should never end.  When a person joins the military and puts their life on the line, they know that when they return from military service that they have a country who forever appreciates what they did and the dangers they faced.

Donating to Salute A Vet helps to keep that “Thank you for your Service” statement meaningful and with purpose.

You can donate to Salute A Vet today, make a difference to a veteran, and feel good knowing that you are contributing to honoring a veteran.

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